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Church Youtube Videos

Here you will find links to some of our videos on Youtube. If you like our videos please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel on Youtube. Our prayer is that these videos will reach those in need of salvation and discipleship training that may not find it otherwise.

To see all the videos click on the button above.

Handfuls of Purpose

Our vision for 2019, Help those who need it. On purpose and for a purpose.

Pastor Jeff Bryce

"Praire Wind" is the most recent group that came to sing at our church. 
On March the 10th we have Teen and Adult Challenge coming! They will be bringing crafts to sell as well. 

This is one of our Sunday School lesssons. They are all posted on the Youtube channel.

Deboriah is our teacher and she is new to teaching and speaking to the public.
We like to encourage the use of the gifts that we see in the members of our congregation. The best way to grow is to step out in faith and actually do what you feel called to do. 

Introducing Jess Noeth another one of our disciples that is in training. God is doing great things at Aley Family Worship Center. Training up those that are called according to God's purpose.

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